World Champs in Mont Tremblant…

… or, from the hobbyathlete to the world championships or, that it can be sometimes pretty painful!

So much beforehand: From a scenic point of view, this race should be one of the most beautiful in this world! The 70.1miles at the foot of the National Park of Mont Tremblant in Quebec have been – almost just – fun! Whilst training you got to face even coyotes, deer and foxes; during the race they have made are however rare.


Sunday, 7.9.14 had come. Up to now – from a sporting consideration – probably the most important day of my life (see preview). Today counted, giving everything, no regrets, but to enjoy the participation and of course – and most important – to absorb the extraordinary atmosphere of a World Cup. Who would have thought that 2.5 years ago? Professional located on the higher floors, lots of work, lots of money, no leisure and now this?

Anyway, start of the game for me and another 117 women (144 qualified) of AG35 (agegroup 35-39) was on time at 8:52am with the 1.2miles swim at Lac Tremblant. It went actually well for me; I wanted 34min and got after 35.14min as 85th out of the water.

Known, that my sporting skills will usually increase proportional with the progress of the three disciplines 🙂 So, I was allowed to swing myself onto my Canyon TT-Bike and to attack the 60miles course with its ups and downs (900m altitude difference). On the picture the profile I think, it looks worse than it is; a good functioning gear change is certainly beneficial though; I definitely didn’t get bored 🙂

Overall, I am very much satisfied with the performance (2.45h, 33km/h). I was able to put much pressure onto the pedal (177W on average) and did made the race to 90% alone. Aggravating, when – after approx. 35miles – a group of ladies swooshes by and through that drafting, saving lots of enery for running! Anyway, I can at least look into the mirror and can be proud on my sole fight.

bild radprofil

The best should then concludes the fun: The Halfmarathon (2 laps a 6.55m) from the Mont Tremblant Resort to Lake Mercier, back, with one loop through the beautiful old village is with its 365yrds difference in altitude on the 13.1miles again a nice “treat” at the end. The whole thing does not call itself World championship for no reason.
After the good bike performance, I was really looking forward to the run. After 3.25h I went onto the course and the desired “sub 5h” would have been feasable with a planed running time of 1.35h. But … the first 5km were somewhat round, then the drama began. I felt physically increasingly worse with dizziness and nausea. After about 14km I dropped out shortly. “Did not finish” couldn’t be the option, so back in the ring and brought the whole thing somehow to an end. The subsequent stay in the on site hospital with an infusion and a medical consultation brought me luckily back onto my legs.

So, after 5:10,44 h, with a 10min gap to the desired time, I still crossed the finish line more than happy. A) because it was after only 2 years of Triathlon was my first World Cup and b) I was ever glad to cross the line after all! Usually I can make up several places after the bike, today I was only able to keep rank 52 – worldwide. I wished I would have a placement in the first third, but that will come with time 🙂


And now: Vaaaacaaation. It has been a very nice, again successful and very solid, but also a tough season!

See you soon,
Cheers Anja

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