2014 Ironman 70.3 All World Class Athlete Gold

4. February 2015:

Dear Anja:
Congratulations on becoming an IRONMAN GOLD All World Athlete!
Your strong performance during the 2014 season positioned you in the top 1% of your age group earning you Gold All World Athlete status.

Something you are, of course, very gladly to read! With my three Ironman 70.3 races in 2014 in Mallorca (World Champs Qualification) ,Rapperswil and Mont Tremblant (WC), I was able to secure place 27 worldwide and number 2 in Germany in this ranking. It is separated into male / female, age groups and the results are a mix of number of races (quantity) and finishing time (quality).


Of course, such rankings should be treated with caution because – in my point of view – the triathlon sport does not have an universal valid world ranking and there are very good athletes out there which not only race the brand “Ironman” (World Triathlon Corporation), or a mixture of different providers to (e.g. ITU or Challenge Family) or compete “only” regionally (e.g. League competitions). For example, the ITU and its European and German division also holds World- and equivalent championships.

However, if you consider this Ironman 70.3 ranking isolated, I am more than satisfied with the result, and it puts the “slippery” in the (first) World Cup (52nd place ) into perspective. 2015, however, I am going to disappear from this ranking, as my focus will be on the Triple Crown series by the  Challenge Family and on a fast solo marathon!

LINK to ranking (caution, Ironman changes the link consistently)

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